75 Year Anniversary!

Eck Industries, Inc., a family owned and locally operated aluminum foundry, celebrates its 75th anniversary and is looking forward to many years ahead.

Kiley and Tyler are committed to building upon what their great-grandfather, grandfather and father/uncle started and grew and are putting their own stamp on it. “We can’t do this alone — it takes a team,” says Tyler.

“Eck could not have achieved its success over the last 75 years without our employees, customers and industry partners. Thank you to all who have been a part of our story,” says Kiley.

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Long-time innovator, David Weiss, retires

January 23, 2023

David Weiss is retiring from Eck Industries, a company he joined in 1986.  David has held a number of positions from Vice President of Engineering to VP Sales, and most recently VP R&D.  He led many innovations in casting techniques and alloy development, along with the constant pursuit of bringing more value to our customers. He will consult for the company and continue to work on alloy development with the National Laboratory system, trade associations, and universities.

David has also made significant contributions to the metalcasting industry with over one hundred papers on casting processes and alloying development.  David has been awarded multiple patents and has received many awards including the American Foundry Society John A. Penton Gold Medal for pioneering work in the premium aluminum casting industry.

David added, “I wish to thank the Eck family and the entire organization for the privilege of working for a world class foundry. They have supported me in every way possible, and I hope to bring them new ideas in the coming years.”  

We thank him for the decades of commitment, and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

  Kiley Eck, President

  Eck Industries, Inc

Machine Learning Predicts Aluminum Alloy Properties

David Weiss, our VP R&D, has been innovating in aluminum-cerium alloys for a number of years, and in a recent study, he challenged Amatrium to predict the properties of 535 alloy with cerium. Amatrium took the challenge.

  In parallel to the modeling, we poured test bars and performed the mechanical testing. The predicted results from machine learning were remarkably accurate, especially considering how small the aluminum-cerium database is compared to most aluminum alloys.

   See the white paper, and let us know how we can collaborate to improve aluminum casting technology for your products.


Congratulations to this innovative team on the newly granted patent titled "Additive Manufacturing Methods Using Aluminum-Rare Earth Alloys and Products Made Using Such Methods." US 11,491,546 B2.

To summarize, David Weiss, VP R&D at Eck Industries stated, "This patent describes an aluminum alloy containing cerium and an additive process that combine to produce better mechanical properties at elevated temperatures than additively manufactured Al-Si alloys with easy to implement processing parameters and without the need for expensive alloying elements such as scandium. We expect these alloys can replace Al-Si alloys for additive manufacturing in demanding applications where higher performance is required."

Inventors: David Weiss, Orlando Rio, Sudarsanam Babu, Ryan Dehoff, Ryan Ott, Zachary Sims, Niyanth Sridharan, Hunter Henderson, Alexander Plotkowski.


Though electrification is growing, the IC engine will as important in the future as it has ever been. Market leaders are even launching engines that run on hydrogen! To maximize efficiency, the limits are pushed, and this includes temperature, and weight. Eck Industries has worked in this market for many years, and has a wide range of high-temperature aluminum alloys to offer. The innovation continues with research into cerium, scandium & zirconium to deliver creep performance at 300C in low-density aluminum! Imagine your new product with our alloy & process expertise!   Download Acta Materialia paper here.


Eck Industries has been a key supplier on winning military contracts for decades, both tracked and wheeled vehicle programs.
If you are working on the next OMFV, AMPV, JLTV, Special Ops or other combat or tactical vehicles, bring in our material and processing expertise to help you win the contract and deliver great equipment to the Warfighter. 

MFG DAY 2022

October 7 is Manufacturing Day!
It is a day intended to introduce manufacturing to students and parents, and to plant a seed for future employment.
It is also a great day to recognize the people who make it all work, and here at Eck Industries, those people work from the shipping dock to the front office, from engineering to molding to facilities, from sand quality and beyond, to our suppliers, customers and business partners.
A great day to say, Thank You, for making manufacturing better, more innovative, and a great career for years to come.

Eck Industries Presents at AFS Leadership Meeting

Tyler Eck, VP Sales & Engineering, will participate in a panel discussion with executives from Waupaca Foundry and De Pere Foundry.  The discussion centers on "Current Challenges in the Foundry Industry."

Registration here

"Keep Calm and Lead On"

"I like to hire smart people, give them a little direction, a little vision, and the resources they need, and then I get out of their way."
- Ms. Kiley Eck Hayon, President

It's great to see Kiley's contribution to the article "Keep Calm and Lead On," about new leaders in the very established business of metal casting.


As a leader in high performance aluminum castings, it is no surprise that we are innovating in alloy development too. We have a global reputation in Al-Cu alloys; this time, we're adding Cerium (Ce). 

The applications of cerium in aluminum are largely focused on corrosion resistance, and high temperatures. On the latter, and in the additive manufacturing process, the alloy with cerium, scandium and zirconium looks promising to deliver high strength and good heat resistance. There is potential to replace titanium for short durations above 250C.

No-Bake Line Improvements

Three key project goals with this investment:
1. Reduce labor while dramatically increasing production capacity.
2. Increase mold quality through automated handling (from manual handling.)
3. Increase mold production.


Eck Receives Howard F. Taylor Award for Best Paper

Eck's innovation is recognized by our industry peers.  This time, it is for the leadership in the development of "Quantifying Casting Quality Through Filling Conditions."

Kiley Eck Named to AFS Board of Directors

Congratulations to Ms. Kiley Eck Hayon, President of Eck Industries Inc, to be named to the American Foundry Society Board of Directors. 

Kiley’s career started at Eck Industries in 2002 as a Quality Project Manager and she grew with increasing responsibilities to VP HR & Finance in 2010 to President in 2016.  Kiley earned a BA in Computer Information Systems and an MBA from UW-Oshkosh.
Kiley is proud to represent Eck Industries, and the women in metal casting. 

LIFT Hosts Eck Industries on Master Alloy Development